Building our Shared Vision into Reality

HIDCO is inviting all investment minded, action oriented, development focused and feasible opportunity seeking Malawians to join the fast growing housing cooperative. The main objectives of the cooperative are to explore land and housing opportunities in the country as a network, to help Malawians who are living abroad and within to purchase and develop land in an efficient and cost effective way, to offer members share based housing loans, distribute patronage refund among members when the cooperative makes a surplus, offer construction advisory and building services and free life insurance on member’s shares. We simplify the process involved, from buying land to building a house for all our members by acting as consultants throughout the housing development demand and supply chain. Currently HIDCO has over 200 Malawian members living around the world.
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HIDCO Growth

As a Housing Co-operative, HIDCO is a business enterprise run and managed by the members themselves

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HIDCO and MUSCCO Strategic Partnership

How to join HIDCO?

Joining requirements for HIDCO members are as follows:
  • Fill and sign the membership application form
  • Deposit your contribution to the Bank Account of HIDCO
  • Entrance Fees – K183,750
  • Membership Fees – K183,750
  • One Share – 73,500
  • Minimum amount to deposit – K10,000
  • You can Pay at once all fees and 1 share – K441,000 or
  • All shares and 10 mandatory shares – MK1,102,500.00
  • Annual membership fees – K183, 750
  • Mandatory monthly shares contribution – 73,500 (K882,000 annually)
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