HIDCO Shares

  • HIDCO Members are encouraged to save regularly for the shared growth of the cooperative.
  • Every Member must equally contribute 10 HIDCO mandatory Shares with 1 share worth K73,500 being non-redeemable.
  • In order to receive a Share Certificate, a member must pay for all membership and registration fees worth MK367,500.00 and 10 mandatory shares – K735,000.00 (Can be paid over period of time or at once). When a member pays for a total of K1,102,500.00 they are issued with a share certificate.
  • Every Member must pay annual membership fees worth MK183,750.00.
  • Every Member must contribute mandatory monthly shares worth K73,500.00.

Increasing HIDCO Shares-Members Investment Portfolio Options:

1. Mandatory Shares
Every HIDCO Member must invest in 10 mandatory shares to become a full Member. Take note that these shares have got a payment period limitation of 18 months. If you have exceeded that period, Management will follow up with you. If you are within, kindly make an effort to reach to 10 mandatory shares to become a full Member.

2. Voluntary Shares
These are additional shares open to all full HIDCO Members. This is a Shares Account for Members to increase their investment in HIDCO and for increasing the Capital of the Cooperative for growth and development of the Business.

Both Mandatory and Voluntary Shares are not withdrawable unless a member is terminating his/her membership. Payment of Patronage Refund is dependent on level of surplus and Members Resolution at an Annual General Meeting.

3. Prime Shares
An amazing option for all full HIDCO Members, this is a long-term investment with a 10% fixed annual patronage refund, regardless of the performance of the cooperative.

About us

HIDCO is inviting investment minded individuals to participate in building a better tomorrow for Malawi through pooling their money together in order to provide each other housing loans.

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