Our Products & Services

As a Housing Co-operative, HIDCO is a business enterprise run and managed by the members themselves
Construction & Engineering

HIDCO Engineering and Construction Company Ltd (Subsidiary of HIDCO Society Ltd) In 2020, HIDCO registered and started running an engineering and construction services company which has eased the building process for the cooperatives members.

HIDCO Shares

HIDCO members are encouraged to save regularly order to receive a competitive rate of patronage refund which can be reinvested into the cooperative or taken in cash.


HIDCO members have easy access to loan plots and house development loans payable in 24 months.


1. Assisting members to process title deeds
2. Assist members to identify reliable contractors/architects (based on a preferred list on HIDCO’s database – mainly members of the Cooperative)
3. Land identification and demarcation into plots
4. Technical advice in investment management and housing
5. Member training in cooperatives management,
6. financial literacy and other programs
7. Exchange visits and study tours