HIDCO and MUSCCO Strategic Partnership 🫱🏾‍🫲🏾

On 9th August 2023, Housing Investment and Development Cooperative (HIDCO) entered into a strategic partnership with Malawi Union of Savings and Credit
Cooperatives (MUSCCO). This partnership aims at achieving inclusive financial services and attainable housing services for Malawians residing around the world.

Attending the event was MUSCCO CEO, Mr. Fumbani, HIDCO CEO, Mr Robert Mbeza and
Mr. McMillan Nankhonya from FINCOOP among others.

This partnership aims at assisting HIDCO Members including those in diaspora to be able to access SACCO services in
Malawi and for SACCO Members to be able to access land and housing services from HIDCO.

This partnership strongly supports cooperative principle #6: “Cooperation among Cooperatives” which stresses business collaboration as a strong tool to sustainable development around the globe. All Co-ops have a collaborative goal to help all co-ops succeed.

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